Miscellaneous Items

Apart from the spectacular Wendy Houses, Doll Houses, and Guard Huts, Stable Wendys further designs and builds a wide array of miscellaneous items to meet the needs of any wooden wishes.

A few of the more popular miscellaneous items include among the following:

  • Site Offices / Log Cabins
  • Store / Tool Rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Dog Houses
  • Flower Boxes
  • Picket Fencing / Gates
  • Bird Aviarys
  • Rabbit/Guinea pig Hutch
  • Refuge Container

All of the above are custom made according to the customer specifications. Simply request what needs to be done and Stable Wendys will go out of their way to make it happen for you!

REMEMBER: Additional extras, found in Products, can be added to each Wendy House upon request.

Bird Aviary

Bird Aviary for your flying friends

Dog Kennel for your loved ones.

Dog Kennel for your furry friends